Call for Submissions: The Line Between Two Towns

We’re now looking for submissions for an upcoming zine: 'The Line Between Two Towns'.

As the Middlesbrough-to-Whitby train leaves the built-up town, the urban landscape slowly blends into countryside along the River Esk before terminating at the coast. The former industrial town of Middlesbrough has a struggling economy and frequently the focus of ‘poverty porn’ TV documentaries while the seaside resort of Whitby attracts crowds of tourists thanks to its ruined abbey and connections to Bram Stoker and Captain James Cook.

'The Line Between Two Towns' is a conceptual zine focussing on the Esk Valley Railway, which connects these two distinct destinations. Looking at the railway's two towns and all the villages along the line, we want to explore the cultural and landscape shifts that can be found taking this particular train journey.

We’re inviting writers, artists, poets, illustrators and photographers to submit work inspired by Middlesbrough, Whitby, and all the destinations in between. We’re open to any kind of work, but are particularly keen on the following:

  • Essays of place

  • Personal essays

  • Poetry

  • Photography

  • Illustrations